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This is driving me nuts. I keep remembering a scene where Murdock, I think, is standing on a truck or car and there's a rope around his neck, and the car starts to drive away, so he can fall and hang. Tell me I'm remembering something from the show and not an odd dream I had twenty years ago. Thanks!

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Could it be "The Trouble With Harry"? He definitely gets hung upside down in that episode, but I'm not sure about the car bit. I'll have to have a think about that. :)

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I found it...it's The Duke of Whispering Pines. I'm not crazy! YAY!!! Course if I were Murdock crazy that could be fun....thanks for checking!


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That was correct! I have watched that with mum and we really remember it. It was indeed from the Duke of Whispering Pines.


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