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New to the Forum...

I am a pretty good fan of the Team. Have not seen the movie yet, I do not plan on doing that sad thing. Humm, to me there is no replacing the originals. Can't do any better than Cannell as far as I am concerned.

Anyway, I am trying to find out whether a certain musical sequence is available on any kind of soundtrack for the A-Team TV show. In particular is the rock music that is heard during the pilot episode, while the team makes there getaway from Linch in a Airstream business jet that Faceman (before there was Benedict) scamed to take on a trial flight. The first time I heard it I thought it sounded like a Van Halen or maybe an uptempo Faltenmayer. In any event it Rocks! I have gone through samples of different A-Team Soundtrack issues through CDUniverse, but none of those tracks are close to this patch of music. Is that rock guitar music perhaps an intro to a real rock (non TV) song? Like Halen or some other 80's era rock band?

Not too off subject, but the spirit of the above music, I am always on the lookout for some cool instrumentals that are unique. One in particular was from the Soundtrack from Vanishing Point, Jerry Reed does a wonderful guitar riff travel music called Welcome to Nevada. Then there is Flight of the Navigator. An odd one I know, but the end titles music sequence contains a super cool 80's instrumental that really moves and has a great sound. Almost pre Club mix Techno. Mentioning Van Halen above, another one that is overlooked is his work on the soundtrack for the movie Twister. The end titles isntrumental there, by Van Halen, is awsome 80's throwback flavor.

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thump....thump....is this thing on?

"Face - Face, you're not George Lucas"

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Hi, and welcome.

I wouldn't personally recommend the A-Team film. I know some people loved it, but I didn't myself. I think it's because I'm too much of a fan of the original. They kept calling BA "Bosco" and he kept quoting Buddha. Was all a bit weird if you ask me, but that's just my opinion.

I know on play.com, there's a soundtrack of music from the original series, but I don't know if that rocky one is on it or not.

There is a Mr.Tea mug on play though, which I really want! :)

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